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Java Language Support


Java is the reference platform for the implementation of the Fractal component model. The APIs and the implementation are mature, stable and efficient. Various libraries and tools are provided to facilitate the development of Fractal applications.

Quick Start Tutorials

Two main Fractal tutorials are provided: HelloWorld and Comanche (a component based web server). Here you may find each of the two, using different ways of programming Fractal applications in descending order of developer-friendliness .

The source examples are built with Maven, and the recommended way is to use Maven to experiment with them. Follow this page for instructions on how to Develop Fractal projects with Maven.


Component Model Implementations

  • Julia is the reference implementation of the Fractal component model, and it is conformant with the level 3.3 of the Fractal model (see the conformance levels table). Using Julia it is possible to deploy a Fractal application relying on Julia runtime code generation of classes, interfaces, controllers. These tasks are accomplished internally using the ASM bytecode manipulation framework.
  • AOKell is a Java implementation of the Fractal component model which uses Aspect-Oriented Programming.


Reusable, ready-to-use component libraries.

  • Fractal JMX provides components to enable the JMX management of Fractal applications.
  • Fractal RMI provides protocol, binder, and stub factory components for remote method calls between Fractal components.
  • Fractal Swing is a library of Fractal/Swing graphical components.
  • CLIF provides components for testing the performances of servers with load injectors and system probes.
  • Dream provides components dedicated to the construction of communication middleware.
  • FDF (Fractal Deployment Framework) provides components to deploy applications and middleware.
  • GoTM provides components dedicated to the construction of transaction monitors.
  • Perseus provides a set of general purpose components for cache, pool, concurrency, and persistence management.


Tools for leveraging the process of developping applications with Fractal.

  • F4E is an Eclipse based environment for developing Fractal applications.
  • Fractal ADL the Fractal ADL toolchain, which is itself a Fractal application.
  • Fraclet is the annotation-based programming model of the Fractal component model.
  • Fractal Explorer is a graphical console for reconfiguring and managing Fractal applications at runtime.
  • FScript is the Fractal scripting language.
  • Juliac is a framework for generating and compiling the source code of the infrastructure (so called membranes) which is needed to run a Fractal/Java application.
  • FAC is an aspect-oriented programming model for Fractal.
  • Fractal BPC is the Fractal behavior protocol checker.
  • Fractal GUI is a Swing-based application for designing Fractal applications.

Mailing List

Questions, comments, ideas, etc. related to Fractal can be posted on the Fractal mailing list.

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