F4E (Fractal For Eclipse)

F4E (Fractal For Eclipse)

Chapter 1. Overview

F4E is an Eclipse plug-in for the Fractal component model. It has been created for beginners in order to facilitate softwares building with Fractal technologies.

Chapter 2. News


Chapter 3. Installation and Requirements

3.1. Update Site installation

The last stable version of F4E is the 1.2.7. It requires Galileo.

Alternatively, you can download the whole package that embeds eclipse and F4E here: http://forge.ow2.org/project/showfiles.php?group_id=22

Chapter 4. Features

  • Compatibility. Standard (standard.dtd) Fractal ADL files can be loaded without changes;
  • A tree and a graphical editors are available to show and design the Fractal ADL files that describe the architecture of the software.
  • Dependencies management. From a loaded Fractal ADL file, it's possible to navigate though its dependencies transparently. The editor automatically search the dependencies in the source directory, and in the classpath of the current java project;
  • A wizard to create a Java project with all fractal libraries automatically set in the classpath;
  • Embeds ready-to-launch Fractal tutorials.
  • Support for the definitions inheritance. Elements coming from the parents definitions are displayed in gray in the tree viewer and in the graphical viewer. Merging can be recalculated after modifications with the F5 command on the wanted definition or component;
  • Basic support for Fraclet java annotations. By selecting the source directory, it is possible to generate the Fractal ADL files and the Java files from the java Fraclet annotations present in the java files.
  • Customized XML editor for Fractal ADL with basic completion.

Chapter 5. Screenshots

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