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Version: 3.2.2 (fraclet-java)
Released: March 19th, 2009
  • Fraclet is a Java programming model for the Fractal component model. Fraclet exploits the principles of annotation-oriented programming (@OP) to implement this model. Thus, Fraclet leverages the process of writing a Fractal application by providing a set of annotations, which reduces the amount of code written by developers.

    The current implementation of Fraclet (3.2) provides the following functionalities:

    • Extensive set of Java5 annotations dealing with all the features of Fractal,
    • Compile-time transformation of the Java5 annotations using the Spoon source code analysis and transformation tool,
      • Insertion of the callback interfaces into the source code (BindingController, AttributeController, LifeCycleController),
      • Generation of the Fractal ADL descriptors for primitive components,
      • Generation of the Fractal ADL abstract descriptors for composite components.


  • If you never used Fraclet before, read the user guide;
  • If you were using a former version of Fraclet, read the migration guide.


To start using Fraclet, you can either:


Former versions

Two versions of the Fraclet framework were formerly developed:

These versions are still available, but no more supported. Please read the Fraclet migration guide to migrate to the new annotation set.

Mailing list

Questions, comments, ideas, etc. related to Fraclet can be posted on the Fractal mailing list (preferably prefixed by [fraclet]).

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