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July 3-7, Nantes (France)

5th Fractal Workshop

Leveraging an European open source community around the Fractal component model


In the sequel of the 4 previous Fractal Workshops since January 2003, the purpose of this one-day workshop is to provide a forum for the Fractal on-growing community developing or using the Fractal component model to present and discuss the latest developments and experimentations inside the ObjectWeb open source consortium and beyond around the Fractal model and platforms in different programming languages.  The workshop clearly targets people already having a knowledge or know-how of the Fractal component model (newcomers are expected to attend the Fractal tutorial also submitted to ECOOP). The Fractal community is still mostly French-centered today with few a participants in other countries. One goal of this workshop is clearly to extend the Fractal community in Europe by leveraging the ObjectWeb open source community.


Morning session (9h - 12h30)

Afternoon session (14h - 18h30)


The organizers plan to have post-proceedings for the workshop, and expect to be able to have them published - typically as a volume of the LNCS series - within 6 months of the workshop. Papers for the post-proceedings will be selected among the more mature works presented at the workshop, on the basis of the usual criteria for paper publication: technical excellence and originality, clarity of presentation, as well as relevance to the CBSE and distributed systems communities at large.

Information for attendees

Important dates

Workshop attendance is primarily dedicated to people presenting works. Other people may participate to the workshop in the limit of the size of the room used for the workshop.

Registration of workshop participants has to be done in two mandatory steps:

  1. Contact the organizers of the workshop (in order to ensure that the participant limit has not been exceeded).
  2. Register on the ECOOP 2006 web site either as a workshop-only attendee or as a regular attendee. The latter includes access to workshops and to the main conference.


Contact: thierry.coupaye@rd.francetelecom.com, Jean-Bernard.Stefani@inrialpes.fr


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