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Fractal BPC

Fractal Behavior Protocol Checker (Fractal BPC) is the behavior protocols platform for Fractal components. This platform is a port of behavior protocols from SOFA to Fractal.

Fractal BPC is made of two behavior protocol checkers (static and runtime) that allow programmers to define and associate behavior protocols (basically valid sequences of operation invocations) to components interfaces and then to check the validity of these protocols (static cheking including Java code cheking with JavaPathFinder to detect problems such as deadlocks) and the compliance with these protocols at runtime. The code also include associated Fractal ADL and Julia extensions.


  • The Fractal BPC documentation explains how to use this tool.
  • The Demo description contains a description of a demo application (a system providing wifi access to the internet at an airport), on which the project results have been validated.

Mailing list

Questions, comments, ideas, etc. related to Fractal BPC can be posted on the Fractal mailing list.

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