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Fractal RMI

Fractal RMI provides a set of components to create distributed bindings between Fractal components. Fractal RMI is based on the Jonathan framework. Fractal RMI provides protocol, binder, and stub factory components for remote method calls between Fractal components.

Fractal RMI uses the ASM bytecode engineering library for generating communication stubs. Every interface of a Fractal component is a remotely accessible access point. The bootstrap component, which is a regular Fractal component, is itself remotely accessible. This component provides a component factory which can thus be invoked to remotely instanciate components. The Fractal ADL language provides the <virtual-node> tag to specify assemblies where components are distributed on different hosts. When such an architecture description is parsed, the corresponding component are remotely deployed, instanciated and bound.


Fractal RMI can be downloaded from the ObjectWeb Forge Site.


  • The Fractal RMI API documentation explains the architecture of Fractal RMI.

Mailing list

Questions, comments, ideas, etc. related to Fractal RMI can be posted on the Fractal mailing list.

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