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target-descriptor module provides a very simple DSL (domain specific language) to describe how to compile Cecilia application for a given target platform. It allows to simplify the command line of 'ceciliac' so as the configuration of the 'maven-ceciliaadl-plugin'.

A target descriptor file is an XML-based file whose name ends with .td. It must be placed along-side the cecilia sources and follows naming conventions similar to ADL or IDL files.

It allows to specify the command of the C compiler/linker/archiver so as to specify various c-flags, ld-flags and linker-script. A target descriptor may also define a mapping between the input ADL and the ADL that is actually compile by the cecilia compiler. This is useful when Cecilia applications must be wrapped in a bootstrap component to be compiled correctly for a given platform.

A target descriptor may extends one or more other descriptors. This allows to reuse and extends existing descriptors. This is particularly useful when many different target platforms partially shares the same hardware. This can also be usefull to defines different compilation profiles for a given target platform. For instance: a debug profile with debug information in binary file and without optimization; and a production profile without debug info and with optimizations.

Language description

A target-descriptor must start with the following XML prolog:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<!DOCTYPE target PUBLIC "-// Fractal ADL 2.0//EN" 

A target-descriptor has a very simple XML structure:

target: top-level element.


  • name: the name of the target descriptor.

sub-elements: extends*, adlMapping?, compiler?, linker?, archiver?, linkerScript?, cFlag*, ldFlag*

extends: An extended target descriptor.


  • name: the name of the extended target descriptor.

adlMapping: Defines a mapping from the input ADL and the ADL that is actually compiled.


  • mapping: the ADL mapping. Use $inputADL to refer to the input ADL.

compiler: defines the C-compiler command.


  • path: the C-compiler command.

linker: defines the linker command.


  • path: the linker command.

archiver: defines the archiver command.


  • path: the archiver command.

linkerScript: defines the linker script.


  • path: the linker script.

cFlag: defines a set of c-flag.


  • id: give a name to this set of c-flag (optional).
  • value: the c-flags.

ldFlag: defines a set of ld-flag.


  • id: give a name to this set of ld-flag (optional).
  • value: the ld-flags.

Extension Resolution

Attributes of adlMapping, compiler, linker, archiver and linkerScript elements are inherited from extended descriptors and can be overridden.

cFlag and ldFlag elements are treated differently: every elements without id attribute are inherited and can't be overridden. Whereas cFlag or ldFlag with an id attribute can be overridden by defining a cFlag or a ldFlag with the same id.


See the cecilia-baselib component library for concrete examples.

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