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The Cecilia toolchain is split in a set of modules:

  • cecilia-adl is the Fractal ADL extension for the Cecilia framework.
  • idl-parser is the parser of the Cecilia IDL language.
  • plugin-framework is a small framework that allows loading toolchain plugins dynamically.
  • task-component is the task framework used by the cecilia-adl toolchain to create, organize and execute code generation and code compilation tasks.

Reading for developers who want to extend the Cecilia ADL Toolchain

A set of documents explaining the design and the extension mechanisms of the Cecilia ADL Toolchain are provided for helping the developers who want to implement their own extensions. The suggested order of reading is :

Cecilia ADL Toolchain Design Patterns A high level document explaining the architecture of the Cecilia ADL toolchain, and the design patterns that are implemented.
AST documentation A document that presents the architecture of the Abstract Syntactic Tree that is used at the heart of the Cecilia ADL Toolchain. This document is useful for the developers who want to integrate a new input language, or to proceed to some architecture verifications, modifications or enhancements.
Cecilia ADL Toolchain Extension Tutorial A tutorial that provides a simple extension module that explains how the support for a new programming model in addition to thinkMC can be implemented.
Task Framework Specification The specification of the Task Framework that is used within the Cecilia ADL toolchain. This document is useful for the developers who want to extend the code generation/compilation mechanisms, or to implement new architecture processing features.
Task Framework Tutorial A tutorial that introduces developers to the task framework.
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