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The Cecilia Library Maven archetype is meant to create a minimalistic source tree structure and pom.xml file to develop component libraries to be re-used as dependencies by Cecilia applications (see Cecilia application archetype for informations on how to quick start Cecilia applications).

In few words this mean that you will have already a Maven project setup to be able to package your component library as a "Cecilia ARchive" (car) package and be able to let Cecilia applications depend on it. See for example how the Cecilia HelloWorld example depends on the "cecilia-baselib" module, which is a minimalistic component library.

In this way, you can have an already filled template that you can start modifying to suit your specific needs, but still relying on Cecilia projects conventions and facilities

The archetype configures also the repositories needed to retrieve Cecilia artifacts that are stored remotely on the OW2 servers.


To create a Cecilia library project using this archetype, from the command line type:

mvn archetype:create -DarchetypeGroupId=org.objectweb.fractal.cecilia \
    -DarchetypeArtifactId=maven-archetype-cecilia-library \
    -DarchetypeVersion=THIS_ARCHETYPE_VERSION \

where THIS_ARCHETYPE_VERSION is the version of this archetype. Usually it is suggested to use as archetype version the version number of the latest Cecilia release.

The command will create a folder YOUR_PROJECT_ARTIFACTID with the project template (folders template structure and minimal working configuration of the pom.xml). You can of course customize the creation by passing different values for YOUR_PROJECT_GROUPID and YOUR_PROJECT_ARTIFACTID, as well as another value for your project version, changing the value of the -Dversion property.

The archetype create a component library with one component providing an interface, to show you the organization of files and the execution of the packaging by means of the execution of:

mvn clean install

which will make a .car (Cecilia ARchive) file in the "target" directory.

More on Maven archetypes

If you want to know more about Maven archetype, you can look at the Guide to creating and using Maven archetypes.

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