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 class CeciliaCTestCase
          Parent class for integration tests that compile ADL using the "ceciliac" command.
 class SimpleIT

Uses of CeciliaAdlTestCase in org.objectweb.fractal.cecilia.adl.perf

Subclasses of CeciliaAdlTestCase in org.objectweb.fractal.cecilia.adl.perf
 class CeciliaPhasesPerf

Uses of CeciliaAdlTestCase in org.objectweb.fractal.cecilia.adl.test

Subclasses of CeciliaAdlTestCase in org.objectweb.fractal.cecilia.adl.test
 class AttributesTest
          Test ADL in test.attributes package.
 class BindingsTest
          Test ADL in test.attributes package.
 class ComponentsTest
          Test ADL in test.components package.
 class CreateCeciliaFactoryTest
          An integration test case to check that CeciliaADL factory can be indeed instantiated using different FractalADL Factories.
 class DirectivesTest
          Test ADL in test.directives package.
 class FactoryTest
          Test ADL in test.factory package.
 class IDLTest
 class LifeCycleControllerTest
 class MacroTest
          Test ADL in test.macro package.
 class MultiModuleTest
          Test ADL in test.multimodule package.
 class ShareTest
          Test ADL in test.macro package.
 class SimpleTest
          Test ADL in test.simple package.
 class TestIncrementalCompil
 class TypesTest
          Test ADL in test.types package.

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