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Fractal Project

Fractal Project

Chapter 1. Fractal Tutorials

1.1. Overview

This project provides a collection of tutorials for the Fractal component model. The goal is to help users to be rapidly productive with the Fractal technology.

1.2. Introduction

This section should be read first. It introduces you Fractal concepts, and will help you to understand the following tutorials. Start reading.

1.3. Tutorials

All following tutorials are based on the same example. This example is a helloworld application. It is a very simple application made of three components. A server component that provides an interface "s" to print messages on the console. It can be parameterized via a "header" attribute to configure the header printed in front of each message. A "client" component provides an interface "m" which displays the message "helloworld !". To do this, the client component uses the interface "s" of the component server to print some messages. Finally we link the client and the server component in a common root component. To display our message we will call the interface "m" of the root component.

1.4. Helloworld n°1 (Fraclet, Fractal ADL)

In this tutorial, we will create our first Fractal application. Fraclet and Fractal ADL are just some tools that help us to build Fractal applications easier. Start Tutorial

1.5. Helloworld n°2 (Fractal ADL)

In this tutorial, we will create our helloworld application without Fraclet. Start Tutorial.

1.6. Helloworld n°3 (pure Java)

In this tutorial, we will see how to create a Fractal application in pure Java without any other tools than the Java Fractal API. Start Tutorial.

1.7. Helloworld n°4 (Groovy, Fractal Explorer, Fraclet, Fractal ADL)

In this tutorial we will see how to explore and reconfigure easily the architecture of our application. Groovy is used to call Fractal API at runtime easily. Fractal Explorer is used to see graphically the architecture of our application. Start Tutorial

1.8. Helloworld n°5 (Fscript, Fractal explorer, Fraclet, Fractal ADL)

In this tutorial, we will see how we can reconfigure our application with the help of fscript. FScript is a tool that allow us to have a more compact syntax to make query and reconfiguration commands on our architecture. Start Tutorial

1.9. Comanche web server n°1 (Java, Fractal ADL)

Start Tutorial

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