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The cecilia-baselib components library contains a minimalistic set of components interfaces (expressed in the Cecilia IDL language) and C component implementations files to assolve the base functionalities that you may require in Cecilia applications or libraries.


Here it follows a brief description of the content of this components library.

package boot:

  • boot.api.Main interface: every Cecilia application is required to provide an entry point interface of this kind. See for instance the HelloWorld example.

package memory:

package unix:

  • unix target descriptor: Descriptor for unix "target-platform"
  • unix.warnings target descriptor: Extends unix descriptor and adds many warning c-flags.
  • unix.boot.BootstrappedApplication ADL: an ADL helper to easily bootstrap an UNIX application. It takes as argument the name of the ADL of the application component which is bound to the unix bootstrap component.
  • unix.memory.Malloc ADL: Memory allocator for unix applications. This component delegates allocations/deallocations requests to malloc/free system calls.
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