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AOKell is a Java implementation of the Fractal component model which uses Aspect-Oriented Programming. The goal of AOKell is to provide some high level mechanisms for implementing the control semantics of a Fractal component.

The two main contributions of AOKell are to provide:

  • an aspect-oriented solution for gluing the control part of a Fractal component with its content,
  • a component-based solution for implementing the control part of a Fractal component.

AOKell is then a framework where the notions of a component, an interface, and a binding are used both to implement the business part of an application and its control semantics. The novelty is thus to provide a component-based engineering of control. This control part is then glued to the content using either AspectJ aspects or Spoon processors.


AOKell can be downloaded from the ObjectWeb Forge Site.


Mailing list

Questions, comments, ideas, etc. related to AOKell can be posted on the Fractal mailing list.

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